Sunday, April 26, 2020

1994 Star Trek The Next Generation Season Seven

Here is a 9-card pack of 1994 Star Trek The Next Generation Season Seven Episode Collection.
These packs contain the following
103 Base Cards including 18 Character cards.
3 Klingon Cards 1-12 Packs.
3 Character Cards 1-12 Packs.
19 Autographed cards 1-36 Packs.
2 Hologram Cards 1-90 Packs.
1 Captain's card #'d to 1,200.

Here is the packaging:
 The Fronts of the whole 9 Card pack:
 The Backs of the whole 9 Card pack:
Picard Character card W/Gold embossed Star Trek logo that is not on the regular episode cards and is a nice touch.
 Data Character card

I didn't get any of the insert cards, numbered or autographsin this pack.  IMO the actual episode cards are nothing to write home about. I like the Data & Picard cards from this pack.  Please leave any thoughts in the comments and if you collected this set.

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Jafronius said...

I collected this set big time back when they were first released. Each episode was given 3 cards. When you put them in pages you can read them left to right as a summary. The Picard, Data, and Timeline cards would also form a picture when put in pages. You can see part of the Enterprise in the background of Picard and Lore (the timeline card)