Tuesday, April 21, 2020

1993 Upper Deck Baseball Fun Pack

First year offering for this stroke-inducing set, but I like it.
There are six cards per pack.

#184 Wally Joyner
A bizarre design with mismatched color combinations are the key, and a nice cartoon with player facts on the back.
The 1994 set was a little more pleasing to the eye, but these still rock.

#4 Mascot Madness 1:8 Insert
Fun mascot, but that name has got to go.
Five different mascots in this set.

#3 Benji Gil
The first nine cards in the set are up-and-coming rookies, Piazza being the biggest pull.

AS2 All-Star Scratch Off 1:5 Insert
Nine cards in this fold-out insert set.

Rules: "To begin, split the card into two sections..."
NO! NEVER tear a baseball card kiddies!

#111 Glow Stars 1:3
Though numbered as part of the set, these are also considered insert cards.

#47 Steve Finley
Many of the cards in the set feature the players in a fun pose, a nice change from the standard action shots.


madding said...

I was a bit past the target age group for these when it came out, but I still enjoyed it at the time. Upper Deck in 1993 was really at their peak as far as I'm concerned.

flywheels said...

I've often thought this product could make a fun, cheap break. Hmmm...