Thursday, April 16, 2020

1999 Bowman Series 1

Lets Rip.

#192 Tony Armas Jr.
I wonder if his dad ever shagged fly balls for him.

#179 Keith Luuloa
You don't see double-u's in a name too often.
Great utility guy, too bad he didn't stick.

#164 Jason Standridge
The Rays #1 pick in 1997.

#57 Ray Lankford

#53 DaviD Justice
(Note how he signed "DaviD"

#176 Jeff Yoder

#35 Manny Ramirez

#91 Arturo McDowell
Giants #1 pick in 1998

#110 Cesar King

#37 Ivan Rodriguez International
Not a bad draw for the International card inserted one per pack.
Is he catching that ball or throwing it? Either way it looks wrong.

I received two fold-out checklists in my pack, one on each side of the deck,
like they were protecting the cards inside.


P-town Tom said...

Nice yodeling pun in the middle of the post.
You're right about the Pudge card... I think he's catching the ball. But, shouldn't his glove be a little more open at that point?

Fuji said...

Tony Armas played catcher? I remember him playing in the outfield next to Dwayne Murphy and Rickey Henderson back in the days at the Oakland Coliseum. Had no idea he was a catcher too.

The Angels In Order said...

Yikes! I had Tony Pena on my mind! Correction made Fuji, thanks. LOL.