Tuesday, April 28, 2020

1994-95 SkyBox E-Motion Basketball

I don't know much about this pack and it is short on information but I did find on TCDB that there is a 121 cards in the set.  This pack had 6 cards and doesn't say anything on the pack about additional subsets, inserts, autographs or relic. TCDB has 10 N-Tense & 20 X-Cited cards but didn't see the odds listed.
Here are the six cards Fronts & Backs I received not bad pack as it included 2 HOFers Wilkins & Mullins.


The Angels In Order said...

Always love some E-motion!

Fuji said...

Love the E-motion product line. I'm sitting on a box of this and a box of hockey that I'll bust open one day.