Monday, January 16, 2012

1979 Topps Rocky II

Yeap, that gum is from 1979. Want some?  My wife walked in as I was about to open this, and I showed her the raised area of the pack where the gum was.  She said, "You better not open that. It could be worth a lot of money," in her patronizingly sweet way she does when it comes to anything card-related.  I opened the pack.  She said, "Well, now you've exposed it to air. It's worthless. And cracked."  I love my wife.

Each pack comes with a variety of cards and a glove-shaped sticker.  These are classic Topps card stock, photography, and design.  What's not to love?


AdamE said...

I love Rocky movies. I have some cards from Rocky 4 but none from Rocky 2. Actually I may have got the Rocky 4 cards from you when you did the trick or treat thing. Little did you know but not only do I collect Red Sox cards I also collect boxing cards.

--David said...

I don't think I knew that! If I still have your address, I'll send you these Rocky II cards!