Saturday, January 14, 2012

2012 Topps WWE Classic

Recent WWE cards release with CM Punk on the cover and shiny stuff printed on it. The set is very well designed. The names are big and easily read and "spotlight" shine making the wrestler on the card very important.

67 - Trent Barreta - regulated as jobber to the stars on Superstars
61 - Sheamus - "The Great White" and former two-time WWE champion. Favorite to win the Royal Rumble.

41 - Kofi Kingston - BOOM! BOOM! Current one half of tag team champions. Remember when he was suppose to be the next main eventer few years ago?

55 - Rey Mysterio, Jr. - the little big man been out with a serious knee injury since August/September.

59 - Santino Marella - CO-BRAAAAAHHHH!

68 - Triple H - It's The Game!

That's a fun pack to rip


flywheels said...

Correct me if I'm wrong, but I think Mysterio asked to be let go from his WWE contract. We may not see him back in a WWE 'squared circle' for a long time.

madding said...

This is basically the same design as the Bowman Chrome retail inserts (Bryce Harper, etc.) Kind of hilarious.

Todd Uncommon said...

What's wrong with Sheamus' pecs? They look like post-op sex change scar tissue.

Leave it to frittata WWE fans to need a flippin' "H" in "Seamus" in order to know how to pronounce his name. How stupid.

jemt waker said...

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