Saturday, June 30, 2012

2005-06 Upper Deck Basketball


Hope everyone is doing well.  Cannot believe it’s July already.  Decided to get one more pack up before June’s officially in the books; after a busy May, the posts dried up this month!

Here’s the pack I was going to post before the O-Pee-Chee diversion.  I was going to post it later during the NBA Finals, to mention how thrilling and entertaining it was.  Oh well, here’s some 2005-06 Upper Deck Basketball!

9 cards per pack, 230 cards in the set (including the dreaded short prints).  Here’s what I got:

#118 – Vince Carter
#44 – Earl Boykins
#68 – Stephen Jackson

I like the layout Upper Deck used for their basketball cards this year.  As usual, the photography is excellent.

#151 – Jim Jackson
No # - Dummy card (not pictured)
#74 – Bobby Simmons (back)
#50 – Rasheed Wallace

The backs are pretty good.  Bonus points for using a different shot of the player and listing the player’s uniform number.

#184 – Morris Peterson
#121 – Speedy Claxton
#RS 12 – Francisco Garcia (Rookie Scrapbook)

The big rookies that year were Chris Paul, Deron Williams, David Lee, and Andrew Bynum.  The Paul and Williams cards are short prints.  Alas, no short prints for me.

Bonus card!

#24 – Andres Nocioni

A while back, Josh from Royals and Randoms was offering his base basketball cards for trade, and I took him up for his Bulls cards (thanks again, Josh, and yes, I’m still working on getting cards for you, albeit slowly). 

Anyway, the above Andres was in the stack.  I thought nothing of it at first, but upon closer inspection, I became fascinated with the “Warriors” player at the bottom left:

  1. He has no name or uniform number on the back of his jersey, but I am assuming he’s playing for Golden State.
  2. How does a player with a nameless / numberless jersey get on the court?
  3. How tall is this NBA player?  He comes up to Tyson Chandler’s waist!
  4. Muggsy Bogues last played for Golden State in the 1999-2000 season.  I found no evidence that he returned to the NBA in the 2005-06 season.
  5. “Well, perhaps he was falling backward.”  Still does not explain the blank uniform back.
  6. Andres has a long way to go to perfect the Chuck Norris roundhouse kick.
That’s the pack.  Have a happy and safe Fourth…thanks for reading!


Josh D. said...

Great post! No rush on those cards, Jafronius.

I hope the reign of terror caused by Andres Nocioni roundhouse kicks is finally coming to an end.

neilbuckeye said...

It looks like Earl Boykins but he wasn't with GS that year, unless it was potentially a pre-season game.