Thursday, January 10, 2013

1997 Fleer Series 2 Baseball Hobby

I'm in a clean-up mood, and this pack has been in my "Pack Scans" folder since 2010.  Maybe it's about time to actually add it to the sidebar.  I'm hoping to add a few more before the year is through as well.

Everything listed in this pack is what I loved about the hobby back then.  Well, maybe not the Million Dollar insert, but I'll save that gripe until we get there.

#561 - Bartolo Colon - With over 70 rookies, it's nice to find one that actually made a career for himself.  Take that to mean whatever you want.

#735 - Jeff Cirillo - Team Checklist - Everyone remembers the Brewers' poster boy Jeff Cirillo, right?

#654 - Dan Carlson - I used to have a pitcher's batting collection.  Then I abandoned it, because I have the need to make lists and there's no resources telling me what I'm missing.

#597 - T.J. Staton - 3 of 4 cards have been rookies so far, but this is the best picture.  Nothing special, but well framed and the right angle for the background.

#722 - Greg Maddux - Team Checklist - And here's how not to do a dugout picture.

#571 - Emil Brown - I'm not very familiar with the guy, but he evidently had a ten year career.  He played from '97 to 2001 and then again from '05 to '09 with a total of 5 teams.

#756 - Jaret Wright - Here are the card backs.  As you can kind of see, they include full career stats and it's a nice big, different picture on the back.  He had no MLB experience per the card, but ended with an 11-year career and an overall winning record.

#736 - Paul Molitor - Team Checklist - Tiffany Collection Parallel - When I bought this box, I thought these Tiffany parallels were one per pack.  Nope. One per box, but it's a damn good one if I may say so.

#604 - Jim Eisenreich - Not one of the 70+ rookies.  Jim had been playing since 1982, and oh boy does it show.  Even his arm muscles have wrinkles.

#507 - Felipe Crespo - Well, they can't all be David Arias (Ortiz) rookies.
#3 of 50 - Babe Ruth - Million Dollar Moments - Okay, I like the concept, and I like in-pack contests.  What I don't like is that we have a 50 card set, with the last 5 impossibly short printed.  I get that it makes it so no one can win the million bucks, but what if you collect the guys on those super-rare cards?

Each pack promises 10 cards, but the Million Dollar insert makes it 11, so if you think of it that way, I guess it's not so bad.  Still really sucks for those people who collect those 5 rare players.

Hooray 1997.  This was good. What's next?


night owl said...

One per BOX?

I have a Piazza one. I had no idea.

beefman said...

Yeah guys, the 1997 Tiffany parallel's were one-per-box in each series. In their first year, 1996, the tiffanys were one-per-pack. I like the one-per-pack ratio better :-)


hiflew said...

I was wondering why 97 Fleer Tiffanys were harder to find that 96 Tiffanys. Now I know.

The Junior Junkie said...

You got 3 checklists? At least they're pretty nice as far as checkists go....