Sunday, January 06, 2013

1995 Flair Football

I have always been a really big fan of the Flair sets. I'm guessing the price points and manufacturing costs made them unsustainable - a high end set before the world was ready for high end sets, I guess. In any case, all of the Flair cards I've seen have looked great. The premiere edition of Flair's NFL set is no different. I thought I'd post a pack of football cards with the NFL playoffs well under way. (Does anyone want old football cards? I have tons of football cards, mostly from the '90s, that I have no use for.)

191 - Deion Sanders - It's nice to start things off with a bang. Deion only spent one season with the Niners.

208 - Errict Rhett

216 - Michael Westbrook - Westbrook was a rookie at the time and appears in his Colorado Buffaloes uniform. He would have his finest pro season in 1999.

122 - Vincent Brisby

105 - Neil Smith - Like the front, the card backs are brilliant, The feature a full color, full bleed photo.

111 - Dan Marino - I was always a fan of Marino's, Super Bowl win or no.

147 - Ronald Moore - Moore lasted only two seasons as a starter, which I guess is the life of the typical NFL running back.

 169 - John L. Williams - Pittsburgh's goofy retro uniform thing is not just a recent occurence.

94 - Reggie Cobb - Cobb was newly a member of the expansion Jacksonville Jaguars, as his very '90s cap suggests.


The Junior Junkie said...

I'm also a huge fan of Flair.

You got any old New Orleans Saints? I'll trade for those guys!

madding said...

Sure, I can hook you up. I will send you an email.

madding said...

Or rather... can you send me an email? Thanks.