Wednesday, January 30, 2013

2010-11 Upper Deck Hockey series 1

So far, I post hockey packs on days my Blackhawks play...and they win. Granted, the game started (Hawks up 2-1), but who am I to ruin a good thing. Plus, it's a pack that we haven't posted. It's another I pulled from a 10 pack repack from Target. So let's get to it.

You can't tell from the glare, but this pack contains 8 cards. Big shock we have Sid the Kid on the cover. The card companies forget there are other players in the league. I love the price sticker on the pack. Five bucks at 7-11. I remember seeing packs at 7-11. I never picked up any cards with my Slurpee, though.

First out of the pack is a great shot of a great player. I am not a big fan of the black and white shot in the bottom corner, and at times the name is hard to read.

This is how you use a horizontal card. Fill that baby up with the body, the stick, the puck, and have a player hanging off your back to finish the scene. What you get more in hockey cards than baseball is great views of the fans watching.

I keep looking at this card, and from the regular shot and the small head shot, I am positive this is a CGI generated player. Curtis....could you look any more plastic?

Now THAT is a name! Since the Hawks are playing the Wild right now, I think Latendresse is looking longingly at the Hawks celebrating yet another goal.

Crappy insert of a crappy player. Moving on.

Nice insert of a quality player. I think the white at the bottom, though, is a bit of wasted space.

Here is not how a card company should do a horizontal card. Such the snooze.

Last card. I didn't pull a Young Gun as advertised on the pack. Oh well. Here's the card backs, btw.

As you see, the portrait on the front is in color on the back. Pretty straight forward. Nothing flashy.

Ok - it's 2-1 end of the first. I'm posting, then I am back to the television. Go Blackhawks!

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