Thursday, January 24, 2013

1999 Fleer Ultra Baseball (Hobby)

Either my blog searching capabilities are garbage or it's actually true that no one has even busted a pack of 1999 Fleer Ultra on this fine little blog.  Either way, here's a pack out of a recent hobby box that I busted.
There is a special print card in every pack - how do you beat that?!  I'm betting right now that I don't get one of those one-of-ones.

6.  Troy O'Leary
73.  Ken Caminiti
76.  Marquis Grissom
Standard fare here, I like that the color of the player name differs depending on the team.

93.  Wilson Alvarez
101.  Cliff Floyd
103.  Manny Ramirez
The backs of the cards also differ in color depending on the team.  Fleer was usually pretty good at customizing its sets based on the team pictured.

156.  Chipper Jones
187.  Michael Tucker
192.  Sammy Sosa
Sosa is verifying the fact that he got to second base for all to see.

131G.  Gold Medallion Edition:  Geoff Jenkins

The Gold Medallion Edition cards are 1-per-pack parallels in hobby packs.  Other than that, nothing much super exciting here (though the Chipper and Sosa cards are decent pulls).  The photography in the set is pretty good - if only the big font size for the player name didn't obscure so many of the photos!  


Stealing Home said...

yup-the photography is great.

night owl said...

What's with all the arm-waving in this set?