Friday, March 13, 2015

2014-2015 Upper Deck Hockey Series 1

I wish I was a bigger hockey fan.  Or at least a bigger hockey collector.  I miss Upper Deck and since Upper Deck pretty much only does hockey I don't see a lot.  I ended up picking up a couple packs at the last trade night, because there wasn't a lot else to pick up, just to try it out.
If I have to call myself a fan of any team it's probably the Blackhawks and  of course I like that the pack features Johnny Toews.  Let's see who I got.

If you're counting that's only 5 cards. I guess the next card is worth 3.  King Richard Brodeur was in my pack.

Overall I can't complain getting a relic in my pack.  The base design is classic Upper Deck with great full bleed photos.

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Billy Kingsley said...

Great pack. I really like the alternate St. Patrick's day jersey that Olli Maatta wears.