Thursday, March 26, 2015

2014 Topps Stadium Club Baseball

While on my last visit to Don's this weekend I picked up a bunch of different packs to share.  Don had a couple boxes of Stadium Club on his bargain shelf for $2 a pack.  How much did this originally go for?  I can't remember.  I might have to go back and see there are anymore left and see if I can snag an auto, even if the auto list is pretty thin.

First up my man, Robin Yount. Oh yeah, you know this going to be a good pack when your first card is your favorite player of all time!

It's a shame Topps didn't release this at a lower price point it probably would have sold very well.  Great looking cards, I love that most of the base card is photo.

I also got this bad boy in the pack.  While I'm not a big fan of the team or the player I really do like this insert set.  If you haven't seen one of these Luminous cards in hand they are great.

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