Thursday, March 12, 2015

2014 Topps Mini Chrome Football

I think the question everyone was asking when Topps released this product was, WHY?  I guess this is Topps telling us they are planning on phoning it in until their license runs out at the end of this year.  Anyway, 4 cards pretty standard for chrome, the base cards all had a slight curve, also the norm for chrome now-a-days.

It's nice to see the 1000th yard club rookie in the pack.  Kelvin hopefully should be a great pick for fantasy next season.

My insert of the pack was this sweet Tom Savage die cut rookie card.


JediJeff said...

Milk the license until it runs out.

Todd Uncommon said...

Would have been sweet to get an Adam Savage die-cut card.

Todd Uncommon said...

Or maybe a Fred Savage.