Thursday, June 01, 2017

2017 Party Animal TeenyMates MLB Series 2

I know we are ripping "cardboard" here, but I couldn't resist these little guys. For the record, I emailed "The Boss" here and was cleared to post packs of things that might not necessarily be cardboard. By all means, if the reading public cries foul, I will refrain from such posts in the future. But, hey, if we're ripping at least one pack of collectibles ever made, then maybe this fits?

These are 2017 TeenyMates by Party Animal. They are mystery packs of teeny, tiny, micro, super-small dudes. There are two MLB-licensed characters in each pack plus two puzzle pieces. Each character measures 1-inch from base to top of the cap. Yes, one. inch. tall. There is the team's MLB logo on the cap front. The back of the cap has the MLB logo. Basically, each little dude looks the same except for slight coloration changes and the colors representing the team on the jersey. There are 30 different plus a few "mystery" ones that may be gold (and perhaps other changes, I am not quite sure).

I picked these up at Target. My understanding is that you can buy the full set as one package at toy stores/hobby shops.

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