Wednesday, May 05, 2010

1990 Pro Set Football

Hey guys/gals new member of the team here so I thought I would start things off by opening up an extremely rare high end vintage pack.

1990 Pro Set Football. This pack is 20 years old!! Its gotta be worth big $$.

My as advertised "Pro Set Playbook" a game entry piece, fingers crossed I have a chance to win a trip for two to the 1991 Pro Bowl......

Incomplete pass!?! Throw the red flag I want replay. Oh well, maybe I'll go in 1992.

My as advertised "NFL Collectible"

Superbowl XXII
Redskins 42, Broncos 10

A whole lot to not enough. Did you know Pregame show was Bob Hope, US Navy Blue Angels staged a stadium flyover and Former Packers and Don Hutson, a charter member of the Pro Football HOF tossed coin on his seventy fifth birthday?

Now onto the haul

First off some guy named Elway

Some guy named Sharpe

I'm feeling some HOF Mojo!! This obviously can only get better

I guess the HOF rollercoaster has ended. At least Dean has a funny last name. Also pulled an All Pro so you know he must be good

The rest of the pack was filled with a bunch of guys not as awesome as the above and therefore do not deserve scans

#11- Mike Cofer
#46- Leonard Smith
#52- Richard Dent
#67- Carl Zander
#84- Ken Norton
#152- Mervyn Fernandez
#164- Henry Ellard
#261- Luis Sharpe
#277- Gill Byrd
#284 Harris Barton

Sorry no Game Used or Autos in this pack. I don't think you can even begin to put a book value on a rare vintage find like this.  


madding said...

No instant replay in 1990 - afraid you're out of luck!

RoofGod said...

Say what you want about Pro Set, but I really like this set always have, probably should by a box just for kicks.

¡El Roberto! said...

my favorite was 1991 pro set, maybe its the nostalgia but i really liked the photography (they had access to nfl films photography database) and i think they included every football player known to man

Anonymous said...

I feel Dent and Norton were worthy of scans.

Word Verification: loins

R.N. Coyote said...

It's stuff like this why I enjoy junk wax. For 50 cents to a $1 you can pull cards and still feel good about it. Must be the nostalgic feel when you pull out cards like Bo Jackson to Joe Montana and it takes you back those days. Sadly I hardly get that feeling when I buy packs of current stuff.