Monday, May 31, 2010

1993 Topps Flintstones Movie Cards

The Topps Flintstones movie cards feature 8 cards per pack plus a sticker.  In every 36 packs, one could find 2 etched foil cards as a bonus.  This was not one of those.

The cards are laid out with a stone-style border and the movie's logo.  Centered on each card is a scene or character from the movie.  At the bottom of each card, a caption appears giving the collector a glimpse of what's happening.

The backs of the cards feature a split solid color/rock-themed background.  The text on the back is black, making it very difficult to read much of the reverse-side copy.  The backs also sport a close-up of an alternate photo from the same scene or character.  It's like looking at a Bedrock version of Upper Deck cards.
Each pack has a sticker with the obligatory "PEEL" (because we think you are an idiot and don't know know to work a sticker) on the front.  The sticker backs can be used to make a puzzle. 

I have to say, I do remmber going to see the movie in college with friends. That's all I remember.

Ironically, "Switcheroo" is the title of a short story I wrote. It has nothing to do with Fred or Barney.

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