Saturday, May 08, 2010

2008 SP Legendary Cuts

I share with you today one of my best pack pulls to date. I went to my local card shop this morning to pick up some supplies and maybe cruise the dollar bin for some cheap wax thrills when I spotted a $3 bin of more recent packs. So I picked up a pack of 2008 SP Legendary Cuts because I love the horizontal design of the base cards. Well here is what I pulled.....

Only 4 cards a pack...ouch.

#64 Josh Beckett

#22 Cole Hamels

#5 Ryan Baun

And conveniently placed in a Hamels-Beckett sandwich was this lucky find

Legendary Memorbilia Game Used Jersey Roberto Clemente 22/75
My first game used jersey made of wool. One of my 3 all time favorite ball players, I don't think this one will leave my collection anytime soon.

Wow, totally worth the $3 wouldn't you say?


skoormit said...

Very nice pull.

beardy said...

Sure beats the heck out of wasting $30 on 2005 Sweet Spot blister packs, that's for sure.

Todd Uncommon said...

A very happy pack!

¡El Roberto! said...

I heard that beardy. this certainly makes up for that failed experiment. by the way if anyone needs about 50 sweet spot base cards fresh from the pack give me a shout

Play at the Plate said...

Great pull.