Monday, May 24, 2010

1992 Collect-A-Card Harley Davidson Series 2

Whew! What a long title for a set of cards.  I don't know anything about Harley motorcycles other than I've seen one as recently as a few days ago parked in our front yard. No, it wasn't mine.  My wife's Aunt and her friend from Scotland rented it to tour around the state.  These cards have nothing to do with that, though.

The cards feature very DARK photography.  Each card features a bike, an engine or an event related to the H-D brand.

Heck, H-D bikes were on depicted on a stamp! I had no idea.

There's an engine and a relevant rider.

A couple of EARLY models!

Even one for when you are out hunting in the woods on your Harley.

Because I figure some folks wiould enjoy seeing the backs, I scanned in the reverse sides of most of the cards:

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