Saturday, May 01, 2010

2009 10Vox Tracksters Series 2, 1st Edition

While following my dear 7-yeard old around a toy store, I spotted a rack of these cards and their full-fledged car counterparts.  This is a "Track Pack" with 7 cards in it.  But, in order to use them, you need to buy an actual "Hot Wheels"-style car package.  They were a lot more than the price of the expansion pack, so you see what I bought!

Much like any TCG expansion pack, each card features items you can use to enhance your online avatar.  In this case, you own a car (or cars) and you apply these upgrades to your online vehicle.  The cards themselves are actually not bad. Nice stock, rounded corners, almost a playing card feel to them.  At the bottom of each is a scratch-off area that reveals a code you use online.  Why do you have to scratch them when they are in a sealed pack?  Hmm...  Well, the first card reduces damage by 25% for a 10-game duration.  I don't know how many races you have to run, but I would think that having this for ten of them can't hurt.  The second card increases acceleration by 35% for the next 45 races.  Dang, I guess 10 races isn't all that much after all.

Now, here is what I'm talking about: New Rims, Baby!  Each card features an icon in the upper right corner.  Each icon presumably relates to a particular TYPE of add-on.  In the lower right corner, each card features the card number.  The second card in the group increases horsepower power by 60 points!  Oh, but that is only for the next two races. Dang.  Next up - the Mystery Card! Ooo... It's a random card and we have no idea what it does.  Maybe better tires!  Maybe more fuel!  Maybe a car seat for your baby.  I dunno, are there bad things that can happen on these?  Like maybe this card gives you a flat tire or the hood blows up and blocks your field of view.  BTW, that is not fun, that last one. Had a buddy that happened to while cruising down the Interstate.  Scary as all get out!  He was in an Escort.  It was red.

The last two cards are for increasing our rugged good looks.  We get a new front bumper.  A "solid new" one in fact.  Does that mean our current one is hollow like a rip-off bunny at Easter!?  Dang.  We also get a new aerodynamic spoiler!  Evidently, we like greens and blues on our car.  Are there spoilers that are non-aerodynamic?  I'm just wondering.

Okay, I admit it - I love Need for Speed games.  I am currently running around NFS Underground doing nothing but getting cops to chase me and then taking them out by the dozens.  This card game appeals to me - to that part of me that wishes I could apply these to my '09 Charger.  Yeah, I'll be getting one of the Trackster cars. I can feel it.

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Mark Aubrey said...

I just came across a few boxes of these last night. It appears that they've gone out of business. I won't be buying these at all.

Anonymous said...

"Why do you have to scratch them when they are in a sealed pack?"

Because they haven't always been in a sealed pack?