Monday, May 10, 2010

2007 Press Pass Elvis Trading Cards

These are 99 cents in the Target discount bin and apparently there are some nice shiny foil cards in this set but all I ever pull when I buy the odd pack are base cards.

In the era of identity theft this card seems really, really weird. But if you try to get a credit card in Elvis' name you are just asking for the trouble you'll get into.

#58 Social Security Card

#42 In The Army

I am seriously so excited about this card. I had a poster of this photograph when I was in high school and this card might go into my "Best of the Best" collection. I've even done a 1961 Topps Tribute card to this wonderful event.

#50 Narcotics Bureau Member

That's a pretty rough photo.

#12 Rock 'n Roll Roots

#84 Chart Topper "A Big Hunk O' Love"

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