Monday, May 10, 2010

1992 Megacards The Babe Ruth Collection

If for no other reason this set is pretty great because of its photography. I'm personally not a Babe Ruth fan. I appreciate what he accomplished both as a pitcher and a batter but I would never try to track down one of his cards or signatures.

Some of these photos I had never seen before including Card #1 with him pitching or Card #35 with him sliding into third base. Seeing Babe in an action shot just seems so odd as he is usually just standing there with a bat on his shoulder or practicing his swing.

#18 1926 Year In Review

#86 1932 Career Highlights

#1 1916 Pitching Statistics

#35 1923 World Series

#52 1934 Lifetime Slugging Percentage

#69 World Series Runs Batted In

#105 Sultan of Swat

#118 Babe and Brother Matthias

#150 Being Remembered

#134 The Bambino In The Movies

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