Saturday, May 01, 2010

2010 Topps National Chicle Hobby

Now let's play the REJECT! or ACCEPT! game with National Chicle where we pretend we are Topps' Head of Design and we are REJECTING! or ACCEPTING! the art for this set.

This card is too overpowered by the horrible Shea Stadium patch. REJECT!

#116 Carlos Beltran

I first thought this was a Dustin Pedroia card with the eye black but once you figure that out it's okay. ACCEPT!

#76 Victor Martinez

I like the older uniform but those damn sunglasses wreck it for me. REJECT!

#306 Chipper Jones


#1 Albert Pujols

Much like Russell Martin, David Wright doesn't make a bad card. ACCEPT!

#34 David Wright

REJECT! I'm sorry, why is there a mushroom cloud behind Alexi?

#99 Alexi Ramirez

The pop art background saves this one. ACCEPT!

#139 Yadier Molina

No discussion needed. ACCEPT!

#290 Walter Johnson [Bazooka Back]


kevincrumbs said...

Walter Johnson in a Natinals uniform is just plain retarded. Hall of Shame for that alone. Oh, and the nuclear mushroom cloud.

Steve Gierman said...

Maybe Alexei had some beans left over from Ozzie Guillen's lunch. I don't know what that cloud is, but it looks nasty!


Well, the wrapper's nice. Looks like,on average, about every other card will be acceptable.

Todd Uncommon said...

Gotta love the classic shoes on The Big Train in a modern uni. Not sure how I feel about the card in general. It seems partly dorky--we've seen that particular photo of Walter a zillion times, and his face looks weird. However, I kind of like the idea in the attempt (much better than that gag-inducing Chipper), and would like to see stronger entries.

If only the Nationals of today had rockin' socks like these--that would be sweet retro.

TheBrooklynMet said...

Two Mets, and neither looks terrible, nice pack.

(...Joe) said...

What I'm seeing from this set, is that the cards either look Amazing or horrendous. Kinnda like Goudey last year, only more extreme.

Anonymous said...

Yadier Molina always looks like he is about to cry. Words cannot begin to describe how much I hate that guy