Monday, May 24, 2010

2009-10 Panini Studio Basketball

Lakers lose! Lakers lose! It's time to celebrate in these parts as the Lakers went down to the slightly less hated Suns. It's still Sunday night as I write this, but I thought I'd schedule this post for Monday morning to give you all a little more time to let that Reggie + Cheryl Miller card that Community Gum posted sink in. Here's a pack from Panini's seemingly endless run of basketball sets this year in their first year as an exclusive licensee. I've actually been visually impressed with most of what Panini has come up with so far (minus the sticker autographs.) I know not everyone agrees with me.

94 - Jose Calderon (Calderon's production dipped from his career year in '08-'09 as he missed some time due to injury and lost a decent chunk of minutes to Jarrett Jack.)

52 - LeBron James (Somebody sign this chump already so we can stop hearing about him all the time.)
- dummy card

101 - Wes Unseld (This is definitely my favorite card of the bunch. You don't see a lot of Baltimore Bullets cards floating around. I wonder if the Legend cards are more difficult to get.)

17 - Dirk Nowitzki

74 - Thaddeus Young (Young's Wikipedia entry could definitely use some help.)

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Community Gum said...

That Miller card is haunting, isn't it? You try to escape it, but every time you close your eyes, there it is!

My problem with Panini has been the endless dead space they leave for the sticker autos. This set seems to be doing something right in that regard. An auto could go over the b&w part just fine, and it looks good without an auto.