Thursday, May 27, 2010

1991 Collegiate Collection Florida State University

Get your tomahawk chop I got a box..yes an entire box of 1991 Collegiate Collection FSU Seminoles 1st Edition (was there a 2nd edition?). 8 cards per pack 36 packs per box. I'm hoping to complete the set for my Noles collection.

Here is the first dadgum' pack for your enjoyment.

The obligatory wrapper shot

#191 Gene McDowell

#125 Bill Cappleman

#190 Duane Carrell

Its not a Seminole set if it ain't got Bobby!
#70 Bobby Bowden 

#171 James Harris

#51 Ronald Lewis (Interesting his was the only card in the pack that listed stats on the back, everything else was a short bio)

#116 Gary Schull (My first basketball card since 1994)

#71 David Palmer

I wish I could tell you how close I am going to get with this box but unfortunately there is nothing of a check list or anything indicating how many dadgum cards are in this set. 

Thanks for reading.
Go Noles!

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Jonathan @ RGB Cards said...

How disappointing that you didn't pull a Burt Reynolds relic card. Maybe a piece of his mustache comb?