Wednesday, May 12, 2010

2007 Topps Series 2

David Ortiz is hitting .185 and is barely fit to field a position on a beer league softball team. He's a serious threat to disappear as fast as he arrived on the scene. Meanwhile, 2007 Topps is something that many of us wouldn't mind if it disappeared. I came to realize that this repack staple in Series 2 form was not yet represented on this blog. As Bud Light advertisers would say, here we go.

562 - Jamie Moyer (65 year old Jamie Moyer just threw a shutout, so maybe there's hope for Big Papi yet.)

473 - Xavier Nady

586 - Willy Aybar

HP10 - Chipper Jones Hit Parade (Well, that's something.)

524 - Ty Wigginton

499 - Aaron Boone (I think someone actually bothered to Photoshop an Aaron Boone card. Wow.)

Meanwhile, in other news, Steve Nash wears girlie shoes.

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