Sunday, May 09, 2010

2005 Donruss Leather and Lumber

You know, if the card blogs existed en masse as they do today I'm sure most everyone would have been lining up criticising this set a superfluous and poorly designed. But I've got to say that if they put it out today I'd buy $10 worth of it just to have something I hadn't seen before.

#20 C.C. Sabathia

#24 Carlos Delgado

#81 Kerry Wood

#77 Justin Morneau

#100 Mike Lowell


Roy said...

You know, I kind of like it. Especially that Delgado on the Marlins. If you feel like getting rid of it, let me know.

(...Joe) said...

This was the first box I bought when I started collecting again. Good to see someone else give it a go!