Monday, May 03, 2010

2009 Upper Deck Signature Stars - Hobby

This pack ended up being a total waste. The most interesting aspect of the pack is that it is a Hobby pack, but it was available at my local Wawa (Philadelphia area convenience chain). The pack went for $3.17 including PA Sales Tax.

The wrapper which clearly states these cards are not authorized by MLB etc etc.

Base Cards2009 Upper Deck Signature Stars
#90 Ryan Garko
#26 Chone Figgins
#9 Alex Gordon
#81 Nick Markakis

The Insert

2009 Upper Deck Signature Stars Topprospects #102 Elvis Andrus
2009 Upper Deck Signature Stars #81 Nick Markakis (b-side)

It strikes me as odd that the rookies nearly include the workd "Topps" in their name. I am not sure whether these are an insert or merely the extension of the base set. I posted the flip side of one of the cards, which looks pretty similar to the generic mailed in UD backs on many of their cards.

Nothing really to see here - I am sure these will be in bargain bins by the fall, and still will not be worth $1.49.

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