Monday, February 06, 2012

1993 Topps Football Series 1


Hope everyone enjoyed the Super Bowl, whether it's the game itself, the commercials, or Madonna's Halftime Show (hey, there could be a reader).

Found this pack at the LCS a while back for a buck.  Looks like the pack has "increased" in value, since the faded Rite Aid sticker appears to say $.69.  Hope I don't get jipped.  Here's some 1993 Topps Football!

The Cowboys won that year, beating the Bills (this was during the 4 consecutive appearance streak by Buffalo, with Buffalo losing all 4 contests.  That's gotta hurt...a lot).  Let's see what we got:

#64 - Dana Stubblefield (RC)
#23 - Eric Metcalf
#311 - Mark Wheeler

There were 660 cards in the set, 330 cards over two series.  The design mirrors the 1993 Topps baseball set.

#306 - Steve Wisniewski
#163 - Mark Schlereth
#234 - Keith Hamilton (back)

Showing the back of the Hamilton card; the front image is of him taking a breather with his helmet half off.  As you can assume, I'm not real big into football, so I can't tell you much of anything on the non-stars.

#111 - Jon Vaughn
#163 - Mark Schlereth (ToppsGold - back)
#236 - Kenneth Davis

Turns out I didn't have to scan the back of Keith's card.  Topps was still doing their ToppsGold thing, so I get a Schlereth sandwich (for the uninitiated, the card is the same on the front except the name, team, and Topps logo are gold...GOLD!!!).  The ToppsGold card came one per pack.

#197 - James Washington
#74 - Jim Arnold
#250 - Brett Favre

Love him or hate him, getting a 3rd year Favre card is pretty good.  Win for me!

169 - Rodney Peete
#162 - Pat Terrell
#233 - John Roper

The big rookies in this set are Drew Bledsoe, Michael Strahan, and Jermone Bettis.  At this point, Rodney's two years away from letting the wife bring home the bacon.

Anyway, that's the pack.  Getting the young Favre makes the pack worthwhile.  More later...thanks for reading!

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