Friday, November 09, 2012

1991 Jimmy Dean Signature Edition


Hope everyone had a great week and is ready to have a great weekend.  I'm happy all the political TV ads are over with.

Here's another quick post, from the miscellaneous cards I have been encountering in the reorganization project...1991 Jimmy Dean Signature Edition!

Yes, that Jimmy Dean...learn something new every day.
It was a 25 card set inserted in the (I assume) various Jimmy Dean products.  Here's the checklist, borrowed from the interwebs:

1          Will Clark        
2          Ken Griffey, Jr.
3          Dale Murphy   
4          Barry Bonds    
5          Darryl Strawberry        
6          Ryne Sandberg
7          Gary Sheffield  
8          Sandy Alomar, Jr.        
9          Frank Thomas 
10        Barry Larkin    
11        Kirby Puckett  
12        George Brett   
13        Kevin Mitchell 
14        David Justice   
15        Cal Ripken, Jr.
16        Craig Biggio    
17        Rickey Henderson       
18        Roger Clemens
19        Jose Canseco  
20        Ozzie Smith     
21        Cecil Fielder    
22        Dave Winfield  
23        Kevin Maas     
24        Nolan Ryan     
25        Dwight Gooden

Again, not a bad group of superstars from 1991.  Here's what I got:

#17 - Rickey Henderson
#21 - Cecil Fielder

Here are the backs for those who are interested:

Once again, MLB does not recognize the existence of this set, therefore Cecil looks like he's wearing pajamas. Not sure if Rickey approves.

Also, it appears that the Jimmy Dean folks created the set without the assistance of a major card manufacturer, as I do not see another logo anywhere on the card.  Big Cecil's signature was too big to include a factoid, I guess. Finally, I don't know why the stats on Fielder's card alternated between black and red (and Henderson's card did not), but props to Jimmy Dean for including the stats from his year in Japan...looks like he enjoyed Japanese pitching that year.

That's the pack...enjoy your weekend!  More later...thanks for reading!

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JediJeff said...

Interesting they had to photoshop out the team logos, but left the full names at the bottom of the card.