Monday, November 26, 2012

2003 Upper Deck Series 1

2003 was a crazy time. 50 Cent was king, everyone was all excited about Lord of the Rings and the Florida Marlins were crowned the World Series champs. I bought a pack from 2003 for a buck. Here it is.

139 - Roy Oswalt - Oswalt is one of those pitchers who has always seemed kind of old to me. Here he is after his second season in the majors, coming off of a Cy Young worthy season where he won 19 games and struck out 208.

160 - Albert Pujols - I've heard of him!

118 - Corey Koskie - He's Canadian!

192 - Adrian Beltre - Beltre has continued to produce into his 30s. Aside from his outlier season in 2004 where he was the runner-up to the MVP, he's actually been better in his 30s than he was in his 20s.

BL1 - Troy Glaus Big League Breakdown - It's a little busy, but these aren't the worst inserts I've seen. They're seeded at 1:8 packs. I also pulled an Alex Rodriguez from this insert set recently.

SS-MA - Michael Aubrey Star Spangled Swatches - Jackpot! I... think? I had to do a little research on Aubrey, who is shown as a member of Team USA. Is there a Team USA anymore now that the biggest international stage, the Olympics, has eliminated baseball? Aubrey was a Cleveland draft pick and went to Tulane, but I'll probably have a hard time getting rid of this unless there are fans of these very specific interests. It would just be easier if there was an Indians logo somewhere on this.

93 - Tony Clark - Clark is an MLB Network analyst. Well, he's no Kevin Millar, but that's a good thing. That Intentional Talk show makes me want to scream. Hell, the name of the show makes me want to scream.

1 - John Lackey - Boston's favorite pitcher!

177 - Luis Gonzalez - Gonzo was pretty likable, even though I rooted against the Diamondbacks most times.

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