Sunday, November 18, 2012

2009 Upper Deck SP Authentic

A long time ago, on a blog...well, on this blog in fact, a pack of this bad boy was opened, with the hope of a Stephen Strasburg rookie hiding within. Lets see if the pack that was expected to be opened then is opened now. Strasburg Stephen Strasburg Stephen Strasburg Mike Trout.

I'm being told I won't find a Trout in here.

Here's the front of the pack for those that dig looking at that kind of thing.

And away we go...

It's a pitcher but his name is not Strasburg.

Hmm...this guy hasn't even batted against Strasburg.

Another pitcher not named Strasburg. I like it's a White Sox, though.

YES YES YES It's...a tease. Dangit. Right team. This guy has showered with Strasburg.

More non-named Strasburg pitchers. His last name starts with "S". Maybe if I grab a ball point pen...

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