Tuesday, November 20, 2012

2005 Topps Series 1


Hope everyone's doing well.  Everyone ready for Turkey Day the crazy shopping days that follow?  My wish is for all the readers out there to have a fun, safe, and full Thanksgiving.

Here's another one of those packs that I figured was up on the site, but it ain't...until now.  Here's some 2005 Topps Series 1!

There were 366 cards in Series 1, with the big rookies being "That ain't Milk" Cabrera, Ian Kinsler, and Andre Either (Verlander is in Series 2).  I'll keep this quick...here's what I got:

#46 – Brandon Webb
#105 – Joe Borowski
#171 – Rob Mackowiak

The card fronts aren't too bad, although I'd rather they have swapped out the 2005 in the bottom left and replaced it with something like the position.  Rob must be playing in a sandlot or something...that appears to be a whole lot of dirt to me.

#141 – Aaron Guiel
#157 – Ryan Freel
#76 – Jimmy Rollins

Bah, almost got all of them to rhyme.

#346 – NL RBI Leaders
#335 – Season Highlights
#11 – Randy Wolf (back)

I like the layout of the card backs.  The picture and the vitals, along with the player's best stat, work for me.

#244 – Travis Hafner
#100 – Albert Pujols
#310 – Ryan Goleski
No # - Checklist 2 of 3

Albert likes that his name is easily located on the card.

Anyway, that's the pack.  Again, enjoy the holiday and the short work week.  More later...thanks for reading!

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