Sunday, May 26, 2013

2003 Topps Total


Hope everyone is enjoying the Memorial Day weekend.  Unfortunately, I have been dealing with allergies, and I'm sure I'm not the only one out there.  It's bad times when you're looking forward to some good times this weekend, but then can feel the allergies coming on.

Came across this pack during my (never ending) massive card reorganization project.  We have 2002, 2004, and 2005 here; let's fill in the gap with a pack of 2003 Topps Total!

What the blaster box looks like.
What the pack looks like.

Just like the other Total sets, the goal of Total is to get as complete of a team set as possible, with 990 cards making up this set.  10 cards per pack and this one's from a blaster box.  Here's what I got:

#408 – Gabe Kapler (Parallel)
#50 – Curt Schilling
#667 – Jon Rauch

The Kapler card is the parallel card referred to on the pack.  I believe the parallel card was the top card in each of my packs.  My apologies for the scanner eating the gray border. 

#349 – Alex Rodriguez
#883 – Corey Shafer (First Year Card)
#502 – Keith Osik
#548 – Orlando Hernandez

The design of the cards is essentially the same from year to year.  It's not bad considering the set's purpose and price point.

#508 – J.J. Davis
#748 – Jesus Colome
#TT42 – Brian Giles (Total Topps)
No # - 2003 World Series ad

Wait, what?  A Topps Total insert set is called Total Topps?  Way to use those noggins, 2003 Topps designers, I hope you got an extra long break for that one.

Here's the backs for those who just gotta see 'em:

Notice the brief stats, useless Tracker notes, and the team card number.

Anyway, that's the pack.  More later on.  Enjoy the rest of the weekend, and make sure you take a moment to remember the purpose of Memorial Day to begin with.  Thanks for reading!

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