Thursday, May 23, 2013

2009 Donruss Americana

A couple years back, a pack similar to this was opened. The cards are the same, but the pack is different. Maybe we need to write a letter to Donruss about this.

Dear Donruss,

What is with your 2009 Americana packs? You seem to have different foil packages.

Why does the retail version talk about movie poster materials when a pack sent to a dollar store does not? Are the cards and the sets different? They don't seem to be.

I pulled a Denzel Whitaker. He has a name like Denzel Washington, and the card back even says they both worked in the same movie. Why have a celebrity card of someone so young?

I am not familiar with Sofia, but she supposedly works on CSI:Miami. Why are the card fronts so bland? I like the Americana logo, but otherwise the card is boring.

I am worried you put someone on a card like Yancy who appears to have an eating disorder. Please be considerate about the young girls today and their body image.

My biggest concern is this: who are most of these people? I have never heard of Mr. Duval? The card back talks of him being in a bunch of cult hits, but is he "celebrity material"?

I am not sure small roles in Independence day or Gone In 60 Seconds warrants a card in a set like this, unless you consider Americana the "Bowman Prospects" cards of celebrities. Please consider what I have said. Also, please excuse Juan from being late to class today.

Epstein's Mother


The Big Kahuna said...

wow.......that is a pack of "nobodys". That pack was so bad it makes me want to open a pack of 1988 fleer.

Anonymous said...

I have not heard of any of them before.

Bob Ewing