Sunday, May 18, 2014

2013-14 Panini Basketball Retail


Hope everyone had a fun weekend.  Since I put up a hockey post during it's playoffs, might as well do the same for basketball.  Packs of this set starting popping up a couple of weeks ago.  Here's a pack of 2013-14 Panini Basketball!

8 cards come in the retail pack, while 10 cards come in the hobby pack.  The retail pack sells for $2.  Disappointed that I only get 8 cards in a pack; I must be used to the 12 cards Topps gives me.

I also couldn't figure out what that picture is in the center of the pack.  Took me days before I realized it was the Panini Knight dude.  Why does he appear on the pack?  Anyway, here's what I got:

#49 - Joakim Noah
#55 - John Henson
#22 - Chris Kaman
#33 - Klay Thompson

Not too bad.  The pictures are sharp and I kinda like the fade to black at the top.  I could do without the big-lettered Panini, and depending on the angle, the foil lettering could be hard to read.  The background at the bottom matches the team's primary color.

#173 - Peyton Siva (RC)
#10 - Chris Paul (Bird's Eye View)
#117 - Gerald Henderson
#157 - Kevin Durant

The Bird's Eye View is a 10 card set, but the pack does not list the odds of pulling an insert.  I got a kick out of the unintentional "Easter Egg" on the Peyton RC.

Do you want to see backs?  You all probably know what they look like already.  Alright, here are a couple of samples:

Reused photo / team logo, one line of stats, quick blurb of highlights (updated through the end of 2013), yadda, yadda, yadda.

This is a 200 card set, consisting of 160 players and 40 rookies.  No idea if the rookies are short printed, or if there are legends in the set like last year.  I think it's a better looking set than last year's offering, though.

Anyway, that's it for now.  Have a good week everyone, and thanks for reading!

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Grant said...

Ass! Haha, shades of the 1964 Topps Ray Sadecki.