Tuesday, October 04, 2011

2011-12 FC Bayern Muchen Stickers

Happy Oktoberfest!

Actually, I think Oktoberfest has officially concluded, but that is only a technicality for this posting.  I got to take in my first Oktoberfest in Munich last week and while I was there I spotted these: 

 These are Panini stickers for Munich's local squad.  While we were at Oktoberfest, FC Bayern won a pair of games to move to 4-0 in their division which was the top division in whatever league they play in I think. 

Unfortunately I know very little about futbol or soccer so this won't be very informative.  And the stickers are not any more informative.  The fronts don't tell you who the player is and the backs are basically identical. 

(click to enlarge)

I am not a sticker collector, so maybe this is common but the sticker below is half an image that needs to be matched to another sticker.

 Another half photo sticker.  I checked this bottom doesn't match the top above.

There you have it, 5 Stickers of guys that I have no idea who they are - If I was more ambitious I would dig around for a checklist to see if I can figure out who any of these futballers are, but I am to lazy. 

Stay tuned, time permitting I anticipate posting some other stickers over the next couple of days. 


Captain Canuck said...


Luke Callahan said...

The 4th one down (one of the just the top half) is a pretty good player on the German national team...bastian schweinsteiger.

Sebastian said...

Mind if I help you out (I am a German baseball card collector (mainly Mo Vaughn, Andruw Jones and every Red Sox Card I can get a hold of) and stumbled across your site while searching for Mo Vaughn cards via google).

The players you pulled were: Ivica Olic (decent but mainly rides the pines for Bayern as they have Mario Gomez and Thomas Müller, both are german internationals), feet I can't identify, Phillip Lahm, current team captain and another german international, as already mentioned Bastian Schweinsteiger, also German international, and Anatolij Tymoschtschuk, a ukrainian international) I guess you put the stickers in a special Bayern München book. Here in Germany you rather collect the whole Bundesliga sticker collection (about 600 stickers) and put them in a book. Previously they were made by Italy-based brand Panini but Topps took over the season before last. Hope I helped you out a little. Great blog, keep on ripping the packs. Love it!