Monday, October 24, 2011

2010 Cport Stickers

I have procrastinated on publishing this post for a while.  Last Fall I had the pleasure of spending some time in Moscow and while I was there, this is the closest thing I found to trading cards.

These are stickers of players from the Russian Soccer League.  The CPORT in the title of this post is not a misprint.  In Russian the S sound is symbolized by the same character as our letter C.   The P is similar to our lower case n but I didn't carry the transliteration through the remainder of the word. 
As I stated in my FC Bayern Munchen post last week, I don't really know anything about Soccer, Futbol or Stickers so this is strictly presented for purposes of folks that know more about those things then myself.

2011 Sport Stickers Wrapper

At the very top of the wrapper you see the word "Cnopt" preceding the capital H.  This is how Sport is spelled in Russian.  Plurals do not end in S so there is no such word as SPORTS in Russian.

The word that begins with the H is the Russian word for Label or Sticker.

Ok enough of the language lesson - onto the stickers: 

Martin Kuschev (silver foil-y looking insert)
I will translate the names the best I can.  The Martin part is likely correct here - Kushev is probably correct - sounds Russian.  

 Jan Golenda
 Oleg Evanov or Ivanov

Dmitri Kudrachov
Team Zenit half sticker 

Zenit is the representative from St Petersburg.  I recognized them here by their uniforms.  Their sponser is the energy company Gazprom which is fairly common in Europe I believe.

The Website for these Panini Stickers is - However, it is a single page written entirely in Russian. 

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Anonymous said...

"The Martin part is likely correct here - Kushev is probably correct - sounds Russian."

Martin Kushev is his correct name. And he is Bulgarian.