Tuesday, October 11, 2011

2008 Upper Deck Series 1

Here's another pack in the I Can't Believe No One Has Posted This Yet series. Did anyone ever notice the weird "Made in the USA Unleaded" logo on the front of these packs? I can't tell you how many of these packs I've opened before and I've never once noticed it.

211 - Kevin Millwood

289 - Jerry Owens

55 - Matt Wise

65 - Troy Percival (At this point, I guess I should stop and make a comment. Of the first four players pulled in this pack, which one is actually still in the league? If your answer is "Kevin Millwood", you would be correct!)

53 - Yovani Gallardo (Gallardo will be dueling Chris Carpenter in Game 3 of the NLCS tomorrow night. Exciting stuff!)

92 - Micah Owings

170 - Nook Logan

30 - Travis Buck

167 - Hanley Ramirez (We'll see if Hanley can rebound from his freefall and actually put some people in the seats at the new Fish stadium.)

264 - Bobby Seay

288 - Scott Podsednik

310 - Billy Buckner (No relation.)

391 - Jim Thome Season Highlights

328 - Luis Mendoza (This is a confusing card because Mendoza actually appeared 6 times with the Rangers before 2008 and yet Upper Deck did not have a current photo of him. That seems like more of a Topps thing.)

356 - Prince Fielder Team Checklist (As long as Prince keeps hitting his home runs at the wrong end of a 9-run drubbing, things will be alright in my book.)

347 - J.R. Towles

YSL2230 - Joe DiMaggio Yankee Stadium Legacy (I've heard that next season, Upper Deck is planning a Sun Life Stadium/Pro Player Stadium/Dolphins Stadium/Land Shark Stadium/Joe Robbie Stadium Legacy insert set to be discovered in all of their terrible, unlicensed products. True fact. Confirmed.)

SQ-8 - Ryan Howard Starquest Common (Ouch. I hope Howard recovers soon and well.)

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Chunter said...

I thought the drill was:
Topps-Airbrushes cards
Upper Deck-uses old photos for cards.

Just a hunch.