Monday, August 20, 2012

1991 The Rocketeer

One of my top ten favorite movies, The Rocketeer.

A really cool adventure flick about a hard-luck pilot who stumbles upon a secret-weapon type rocket pack that the bad guys want to mass produce to rain destruction on the United States.

The cards came out in 1991 in conjuction with the Disney movie of the same title.

I have, or had, a complete set, or at least close to it, somewhere.
I remember ripping through two boxes of wax packs with my son when he was small and putting the cards in  pages in a binder.

For my son, this was a scarry scene in the movie when Cliffs plane crash lands.
Horrible special effects though for a grownup.  You can see the cable pulling the plane forward.

The back of each card tells the story of the picture on the reverse, giving the reader a pretty good idea about  what's happening in the movie.

I've never been really big on movie card sets.  More often than not the scenes depicted are, well, just kinda dumb.

Each pack came with 1 sticker.  This is the best part of the pack.  I dig the Art Deco-ness of it.
There were several different graphics depicted on the stickers.

The back of the stickers formed a 9 piece puzzle picture when put into a 9 card page.

I'll have to do some digging around to see if I can find my set.


SpastikMooss said...

That Bulldog Cafe card is hilarious.

Jason Presley said...

The lady in front of the bulldog looks like Stephen Fry!

Todd Uncommon said...

I remember this is when Jennifer Connelly was still young and pretty with some tone on her flesh, instead of becoming a hot lady skeleton like Hollywood expects.