Friday, August 31, 2012

2012 Topps Series 2 Retail


Hope everyone's doing well, and has some good times planned for Labor Day weekend.  I've been away for a while, finally starting to get the massive card organization project off the ground (my purpose for joining this site in the first place).  The wifey is certainly pleased to have piles of cards all over the little home office.  Anyway, that means future posts of mine will start coming from older sets.  Everybody wins!

Before that happens, might as well put up a pack of something I would have assumed someone else would have done by now...2012 Topps Series 2!

The pack's from Target (the gravity feed box, I think).  Everyone with a blog has posted their thoughts on the set already, so let's just see the cards:

#356 – Endy Chavez
#370 – Lyle Overbay
#358 – Jacob Turner

#619 – Tyler Greene
#435 – Jeff  Baker
#616 – Tyler Pastornicky (Target Red Parallel)
No # - Uh...Bunt?

OK, so at least they didn't count this ad card as one of the 12 in the pack.  I didn't scan the back; it's Topps' attempt at imitating late '90s Skybox doing "Hey batter, batter".

Oh, does anyone know these Bunt cards are supposed to make a picture of some sort? 

#GM-44 – Josh Hamilton (Golden Moments)
#569 – Travis Hafner
#394 – Bryan LaHair

#596 – Freddy Garcia (back)
#545 – Randy Wolf
#332 – Jose Reyes

Anyway, that's the pack.  Enjoy the weekend!  More later...thanks for reading!

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Todd Uncommon said...

Not sure about the Bunt cards combining to make anything. My snap judgment is no.

The pictures represent cartoon-style avatars you can choose to represent your account on the Apple iOS Bunt App that Topps created. It's kind of a nice digital sports card app. It's still finding its way around.