Friday, July 19, 2013

1990 Kingpins

Junk wax years was a crazy time. Over-production? Check. Got a license to print? Boom you got cards. Bowling joined the era with Kingpins set featuring legends and top PBA bowlers. Ten cards per pack with random autographs of top 10 all time money winners. Will I get *points thumbs to himself* P-D-W or Bob Learn Jr or Walter Ray Williams?

3 - Chris Schenkel - ABC Sports broadcaster who spent 36 years broadcasting the PBA tour. He also broadcasted college football, basketball, and the Olympics. He passed away in 2005.
4 - Mike Durbin - PBA Hall of Famer and former president. Did PBA color commentary on ESPN.

 5 - Allan Chodor
 6 - Amleto Monacelli - I remember watching him on TV when I was a kid dominating PBA. He was PBA Bowler of the Year in 1989. He won 19 national tours and PBA Hall of Famer. Bowling in the senior league.

 7 - Barry Asher - Another PBA Hall of Fame bowler with 10 National Tour Titles

8 - Hugh Miller - won 7 national tour titles. Bowling in the senior league

 9 - Bob Benoit - 4 national tour wins; first bowler to bowl 300 game during televised title game.

10 - Don Genalo -  6 National titles win, but known for this story. After rolling a strike in the 10th he needed 8 pins to win. He proceeded knock down 6 pins then decide to gutter his next roll thinking he couldn't win.

 11 - Mats Karlsson - back features career money list, national tour wins, perfect games, average score, and TV record. Karlsson is first international player to win PBA tournament and Sweden greatest bowler.

12 - Ray Bluth - another bowling legend

That was fun to rip


The Junior Junkie said...


I will trade you for every one of these ridiculous cards, bro.

Rebel Coyote said...

What do you have? Look for bits of 2013 Topps base set.

Anonymous said...

I've been bowling in leagues for something like 20 years, and I never knew there were bowling cards. Live and learn.

Hackenbush said...

I have a complete set. I am proud of it. Yeah, why not.

--David said...

Wow. Talk about awful photography. The photos look like 80's Topps. Yikes!