Tuesday, July 16, 2013

2013 Topps Opening Day


Hope everyone's staying cool today.  I'm chillaxing in the a/c because today's this humble contributor's birthday.  Checking the history of this site, there's only been one other post on my birthday, so it's time to change that.  Today also happens to be the MLB All-Star Game, which is the most exciting day in the sport since Opening Day...wait, what?  We don't have a pack of 2013 Opening Day on the site?  We do now!

I normally don't buy Opening Day.  If this set's the same as the flagship, why bother?  Sure the mascot cards are cool, but you get the point.  Then again, Target has been selling Opening Day and Series 1 for half off, and the Topps Stickers are like $0.74 or something.  So this here pack cost me fifty cents.  I should really try to remember to wait a little before buying these packs; maybe I can save some money in the long run.  Here's what I got:

#194 - Rickie Weeks
#139 - Mark Teixeira
#167 - Starling Marte

Again my apologies for the scanner cutting off the borders.  I even moved the cards towards the center of the thing.  Anyway, same design as the flagship, but with the Opening Day logo and the name is not in silver foil.  

(going clockwise)
#PH-16 - Matt Kemp (Play Hard)
#160 - Johan Santana
#147 - Ryan Zimmerman
#51 - Elvis Andrus

Here's the backs just because:

The base card's backs are the same as flagship, but the card numbering is different.  There's 220 cards in the Opening Day set.  Zimmerman's #80 in Series 1.  Elvis (#436 in Series 2) took Jonathan Broxton's #51 for this set.  And so on.

Anyway, that's the pack.  I also picked up one of those Opening Day hanger packs since they were being sold for $1.50.  24 cards for a $1.50?  OK!  I'll post that sometime later, unless one of you guys beats me to it.  More later...enjoy the All-Star Game and thanks for reading!