Tuesday, July 09, 2013

2002 Upper Deck Vintage

Before Upper Deck was scamming and counterfeiting their way towards losing most of their major sports licenses, the Brand That Griffey Built was aping another company famously beloved set. Fortunately, you could do a lot worse than paying tribute to the 1971 Topps design.

82 - Dee Brown - Not the guy who Reebok Pumped his way to dunk contest fame, nor the similarly named pro hoopster of more recent years. This guy played for the Royals. Ho hum.

118 - Alfonso Soriano - It's been a long time since Soriano was a Yankees infielder, hasn't it?

151 - Jose Hernandez

10 - Jason Giambi - It's been a long time since Giambi... oh wait, that was just a few years ago.

74 - Dante Bichette - This serves as a final tribute to Bichette of sorts, as he did not play after 2001. I didn't know he ever played with Boston.

38 - Bartolo Colon - Colon has been extremely good since he grew that robot arm out of GMOs and plutonium.

1 - Darin Erstad

188 - Ricardo Rodriguez / Carlos Garcia 2001 Vintage Rookies - Ricardo Rodriguez made it to the bigs with Cleveland in 2002, while there have been entirely too many Carlos Garcias in professional baseball. I think he might be this guy.

69 - Mark Teixeira / Carlos Pena 2001 Vintage Rookies - Two fairly big name players who have definitely had better years than 2013.

19 - Carlos Delgado - Here's what the backs of the cards look like. Upper Deck kinda sorta found a way to make this design their own.

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jacobmrley said...

Actually, no they didn't. Topps used green for the backs and the Canadian OPC used that color yellow for the backs.