Friday, July 26, 2013

2004 Fleer Legacy

In my last post, I covered 1982 Fleer. In this post, I've opened a pack 22 years in the making from the time of that other pack: 2004 Fleer Legacy.

There are 5 cards in each pack of Legacy. The pack itself is thicker than 5 cards, and that is because the pack could contain a relic card.  If the pack does NOT have a relic, then there is filler.

The cards are gorgeous, slick, and are nearly borderless. Each card is done in the primary team color of the player. On the upper left corner, the player's name appears in white lettering. Opposite, in the lower right corner, the team name wraps around the inset border. Each card features a full-body action shot of the player and a watermark close-up of the player's face.  The "Fleer Legacy" logo shows up in the lower left corner near the border inset.

This pack did not have a relic, and instead gave us a promo card for Hot Prospects. Oh well, maybe next time.


hiflew said...

It's weird to see Glavine and Maddux cards back to back and neither of them are Braves.

CaptKirk42 said...

Nice looking cards. as hiflew said it was weird to see Maddux and Glavine as Non-Braves it is so odd to see Alfonso Soriano as a Ranger I'm used to seeing him as a Cub or Nat, even as a Yankee but not so much as a Ranger.

--David said...

I agree on all counts. In fact, the Soriano threw me off the most!

carlsonjok said...

Interesting. 2 of the 5 players are retired. The other three players are all current Yankees.