Wednesday, November 06, 2013

2000 Fleer Tradition Football

 A sport card shop find. Tim Couch on the cover of 2000 Fleer Tradition. Could this be bad? Let's find out.

308 - Rashard Anderson - pack started out with a rookie. The rookie card got picture of the player and black strip with the name, team, and position that got lifted from 1988 Topps baseball. As for the player, the former 1st round pick played two seasons in NFL before getting banned for violating substance abuse policy.
281 - Mike McCrary - regular player's card have head shot of the player with/without helmet on, the name on top with team and position below along with team logo on the left, and Fleer logo near lower right corner. The back on the card showed stats and often small cartoon featuring tidbit of the player. McCrary played 10 years in NFL with two Pro Bowl selections and Super Bowl ring.

125 - Eddie Kennison - former first rounder played 14 years with his success coming as Kansas City Chief.

205 - LeRoy Hoard - a goal line beast this is his final card as 1999 was his last season in the NFL.

18 - Tony Gonzalez (Throwbacks) - insert card of Tony Gonzalez. Still playing in the league this time with Atlanta Falcons.

326 - Corey Simon - another rookie. Chosen 6th overall he played 8 seasons in the NFL with one Pro Bowl selection.
341 - Curtis Keaton/Ron Dugans - Both played three seasons in the NFL. Keaton spent first two years with the team then to New Orlenas in his final season. Dugans spent all three of his years with Cincinnati.

134 - Peyton Manning - finally a quarterback and a great one as well. Still going on strong as member of Denver Broncos.

295 - Jimmy Hitchcock - played 8 years in NFL despite having NO ACL on both of his knees. Talk about serious balls.

216 - Jamie Martin - journeyman who been spent years on the bench and in Europe. Started 8 out 53 games he played making the best out of his opportunities.

I got Peyton, few former Pro Bowlers, good and bad first round rookie busts.

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The Big Kahuna said...

I was hoping you'd have the same luck as I did opening my box of 2000 sp authentic and pull a Tom Brady rookie too!