Monday, April 20, 2015

2014-15 Panini Threads

 NBA playoffs started over the weekend and I got this. This is retail pack of Panini Thread consisting of 10 cards for $4. Let's open....
103 - Kenneth Faried - name runs horizontally near side of the cardboard with team colors on bottom corners and huge Threads logo on the middle bottom. Back consists of last year's stats then totals.
101 - Kelly Olynyk
200 - Zaza Pachulia
199 - Zach Randolf
11 - Marc Gasol (Inside Presence) - insert card which falls in 1:5 packs.
3 - John Stockton (Century Greats) - second insert card of the pack. This one also falls in 1:5 pack. Nice how they put the years he played in the NBA.
47 - Deron Williams
38 - Darren Collison
30 - Chris Mullins - recently named head coach for St. John. Back of his card showed his NBA career stats
23 - Carlos Boozer - what's with Carlos Boozer cards I been getting this year?

Good photography as every card has picture of a ball in it. Who will make it to the finals?

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Billy Kingsley said...

Threads is the second Target exclusive set of 2014-15 (Prestige), it's also only the second that shows action photos from this season (Donruss).