Sunday, April 05, 2015

2014-15 Upper Deck NCAA March Madness

It all comes down to Duke vs Wisconsin in winner takes all for NCAA Basketball championship. Upper Deck put out 200 card March Madness set featuring player highlights from tournament history. Hobby pack contain 5 cards. Sephia ton cards call 1:6 along with short prints, autographs, and bracketology sweepstakes cards. Who's holding Duke or Wisconsin card right now? On to the pack....
 AH-1 - Anfernee Hardaway - good selection of photo on this one as the pre-Penny about swat the ball out of shooter's hand. Front of card shows the name, game location and date. Back of card feature college stats and his tournament highlight from that game.
MG-1 - Magic Johnson - remember when Magic had hair? He would go to NBA winning titles and MVPs with showman and pizazz.
BW-2 - Bill Walton - strange on his own card they use photo of him about get posterized from dunkin' David Thompson.
JS-3 - Jerry Stackhouse - sephia tone card which fell 1:6 packs. It also happens to be a short print. Excellent photo use of Stackhouse posterizing this Boston College player
BR-1 - Bill Russell - short print card of Russell featuring him celebrating championship. He would go on winning more championships in the NBA.

I like photography selection on the cards. Got two short prints out of this pack. Good luck to Duke and Wisconsin in the championship. May best team win.

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