Tuesday, April 14, 2015

2015 Topps Gypsy Queen

I am racing to have this written and posted PRIOR to the official release of the product. Call this an instant request. As usual, my Target fails to understand "release date" and put the cards out early, which is a benefit for me, and not for much of the rest of the world. May they never promote or fire my Target store's manager.

This is obviously the retail release. I bought a blaster and a rack pack. The cards you see are pulled from the rack pack. Wizard of Oz is our GQ poster child this year. Batting helmet with no ear flap.The pack design mimics the card design, but barely. Font for sure, but otherwise, the base cards as a different beagle.

Good first card with a White Sox. Interesting unbalanced design. Granted, pretty much all cards are unbalanced, but this one is radical. I like the style, though. It a nice change from last year's release. Brown border with the beige characters and filigree. Same Instagram filtering on the photo, but it's to be expected in GQ.

Straight to the throwback binder for you, Mr. Singleton. Decent photos and cropping on the cards.

As they have done, there are slight border color variations on come cards. It is not your eyes - this Davis is a lighter shade than the last two cards. It's card #275, so not a short print. I like these color changes. Gives the set a nicer, warm feel.

So far, I haven't seen Topps use that keyhole space as a use for the picture, which is good. It's just the design and that is how it should stay.

Last card of the set. With the design, you can really see, and feel, the issue of the card being out of balance. This thing just wants to fall to the right. But I like it. I'm okay with this bad centering on this set.

Not much has changed on the back, except for a larger font and far less words. I call this a plus.

OMG I LOVE THIS MINI SET!!!! This set screams A&G, and it is just plain awesome. These fall one out of every 24 packs per the wrapper. I will be completing these minis, so feel free to send them my way.

OK - 7:49pm CDT on 4/14/15. "Post a pack prior to the street release date" achievement unlocked!


Cardspotter said...

Looks like a solid design , can't wait to grab some!!!

The Junior Junkie said...

They do look good.

Josh D. said...

Excellent achievement!

madding said...

Oh wow, I don't think I've ever seen Ozzie Smith on a pack wrapper. I've never been a Gypsy Queen fan, though.

Ana Lu said...

This year design is so..errrrr..cannot find words for how awful it is..