Friday, January 15, 2016

1999-2000 Upper Deck MVP hockey

What? You didn't see this coming?

In all honestly, Random picked the pack yesterday. After I wrote the post, I went to my scan folder to delete all the images, only to notice the directory labeled with this pack. I had to go back and edit the post from yesterday to add in the drama. Did you feel the tension? Call me Alfred Hitchcock.

So right off, we see the pack is far different than the Cup Edition. The Great One gets another cover boy, but it would be his last as a player since he retired at the conclusion of the 98-99 season. I remember that Gretzky logo you see on the pack. I believe UD created that. 10 cards for a $1.59 - $2.49 in the Great White North. Was the exchange rate that crappy in 1999?

If you go and look at the Stanley Cup Edition, you can see the design difference from base MVP and Stanley Cup MVP. We have the same bronze foil, but at least the last name in all in white and easily read. More white border than the Stanley Cup version. You can see the lines - all foil. And you can make out the silhouette of MVP just to the right of the player name.

The color bleed at the top and bottom of the image distracts from the image.

Not quite Gretzky.

That name is a mouthful. Bet it filled up the back of his sweater.

This pack is loaded with a lot of no names.

Hey there - I know that guy!

Two in a row. Nice shot of Modano.

My scanner does not do foil well. That's ok - this card is ugly in person.

Turning over the card, we get full career stats and bio. But recycled image. Boo! I actually got an 11th card in the pack.

These were the winners of the Draw Your Own Card entries. I like that UD printed a bunch and inserted them into packs. Here's the back of it.

You get a short bio about the artist - good touch Upper Deck. Bring this back to future MVP releases.

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